April 2002 Contest - Virtual Music Festival

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk hopes to celebrate Native music by creating a music cd of Mi'kmaw and Maliseet song writers, performers, drummers, and chanters. The project will be of professional quality, similar to the one released last Treaty Day, (firstnationhelp.com/cd.html).


All "winning" and "honourable mention" entries will be professionally recorded and included on the cd. For each selected track, the writer(s) and musician(s) will receive five (5) copies of the cd. All entries will also receive a pewter Help Desk keychain and certificate.

Submit "demo" tape or cd to:

Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
E-mail: admin@firstnationhelp.com
47 Maillard Street, Sydney, NS B1S 2P5
Phone (toll free): 1-877-484-7606 or 567-0842, Fax: 902 567-0337


The Virtual Music Festival is open and inclusive.
Priority will be given to:
  1.  Native school-aged youth
  2.  Submissions (including adults) whose songs have Mi'kmaw or Maliseet content.

Participants must be able to verify that their work does not violate copyright laws. The songs may be original, traditional, or public domain works. Songs owned by others must include permission to use them.

Deadline for Submission:

April 30, 2002
Actual professional recording sessions will follow.